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Hertel is a leading international industrial services company. Today, about 10,000 professionals around the globe  support the need of customers with a coordinated range of customized solutions centred around access solutions, insulation and corrosion protection.


Hertel is a leading international, multi-disciplinary, industrial services company. It supports its customers with access solutions, insulation, corrosion …


Hertel was founded in 1895 by Alexander Hertel. Now, almost 120 years later, Hertel is a leading international industrial services company supporting and collaborating closely with customers all over the globe.


Hertel supports her customers with a coordinated range of customised solutions …


Hertel’s values reflect who we aspire to be and what we stand for. This is something on which our shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers can depend and rely.


Building a robust company with a strong and competitive foundation, ready for the challenges in the years ahead.


Hertel’s daily operations are managed by local senior management, lead by Hertel’s Executive Board, based in Rotterdam.


Hertel is working for customers in oil & gas, process, energy and offshore industries, organised in and around the locations of its customers in over 20 countries.