Meanwhile on Hertel's Twitter feed24-03-2015

What were the best messages that Hertel has seen on Twitter recently? We'll show them here. Want to be listed next time? Include @HertelNederland or #Hertel in your...

Hertel Netherlands congratulates Chemelost site for improved safety performance

12-03-2015 -

Hertel Nederland has been conducting work for years at Industrial Park Chemelot Site in Geleen. The safety...

Hertel congratulates aQuaintance on being LTI-free for eight years

13-10-2014 -

On Saturday, 4 October, aQuaintance reached the milestone of being LTI-free for eight years (no accidents with...

Hertel receives triennial complete recertification

13-10-2014 -

The branches of Hertel B.V. in Geleen, Drachten, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Middelburg and Rotterdam have recently...

  • Proud of our team 17-06-2014 -

    An underground gas storage facility is currently being developed close to Alkmaar. Once finished, Bergermeer will provide 2.5...

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