Hertel closely involved in scaffolding guideline update


The Association of Scaffolding, High-rise and Concrete Forming Companies (VSB) recently adapted the Scaffolding Guideline in collaboration with Bouwend Nederland. By carrying out this update, the professional association is accommodating the wishes of companies in the industry. Hertel has been a member of VSB since 2007. At board level, on the committees and as representatives of the sector, Hertel's people are playing an active role. On behalf of Hertel, scaffolding engineer Marco Gouwens was closely involved in this revision, the aim of which was to make the Scaffolding Guideline more applicable to the industry. He recounts the main changes.

What prompted the VSB to adapt the Guideline? 
“The update was undertaken in response to voices from the industry,
especially from the (petro)chemical companies. The ʻoldʼ Scaffolding
Guideline was aimed mainly at the civil engineering industry, and it
was difficult to apply in (petro)chemical industry, the energy sector
and other parts of industry where scaffolding is also used.
As a result, we and a number of (petro)chemical companies, including
Dow Benelux, DSM, Shell and SABIC, under the chairmanship of the
Brabants-Zeeuwse Werkgeversvereniging, and together we applied
more structure into the guideline and linked the different topics
together more effectively.”

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