Providing Access, grit blasting, painting and insulation services

Hertel commenced the work erecting access structures to the columns and drums. In total over 1,150 square metres of equipment was grit blasted, painted and insulated and circa 1,300 liner metres of pipe work. There were also over 550 picture frame recesses installed at each protrusion from the 3 Columns to ensure a full column seal and mitigate future moisture ingress which could lead to C.U.I.

Key Challenges, Solutions, Innovation and Value Added

One of the main scopes of work was to provide access to an insulated live column which operated at 395 Degrees C, remove thermal insulation, grit blast the substrate, inspect, re-paint with high temp. coatings and then re-insulate. The challenge was working with the elevated temperature inside the enclosure (erected to ensure the safe containment of grit).

The solution was provided via a mix of incorporated processes – the RA and MS were thoroughly reviewed by Hertel and the customer and medical monitoring was introduced, Wet Bulb Glob temperatures were taken at frequent intervals, refrigerated air was introduced to the air flow via in line coolers, workers were allowed to take regular breaks when needed, cool boxes were placed inside the enclosure with cold drinks for the operatives and cool vests were introduced to provide a level of comfort while working.

During the 20 month project, there were no incidents or accidents.