Providing scaffolding, insulation and asbestos removal services

Wylfa Site on Anglesey, North Wales, is just one of five Magnox North sites where Hertel is working. At Wylfa, Hertel provides scaffolding, insulation and asbestos removal services with a permanent team of 45. During busy periods the team can rise to 60.

Strength in Partnership

The Wylfa contract is managed by Ian Fraser who works closely with Wylfa’s on-site contract manager John Humphreys.

Hertel’s proactive approach to managing the contract makes a strong contribution towards the power station’s operations according to John Humphreys: “Hertel is an integral part of Wylfa and is important to the smooth running of the station. They deliver a solid day-to-day maintenance programme where they are adaptable and innovative ensuring we meet deadlines and stay within budgets. They are well-respected by everyone on the station both from Magnox and other contractors.”

Focussed on minimising disruption

On a daily basis Ian Fraser meets with his team of supervisors covering scaffolding, insulation and asbestos to discuss on-going and planned work. Once a week they meet with the Wylfa management team to schedule current and required work. This meeting also provides the opportunity to discuss with other site contractors how the work can be integrated to provide minimum disruption to the station.

John Humphreys says: “This meeting is a vital and regular forum to talk to all the contractors on-site about the work we require and discuss any issues which have arisen. It is valuable as all our contractors attend and are able to discuss work and how they can work together to minimise disruption. It has certainly built co-operation and a strong team ethos on-site.”

Quarterly review meetings are held to review work across all the Magnox sites. As part of Hertel’s open book policy, detailed information is provided looking at costs and savings as well as providing the opportunity for discussions on best-practice and resource planning.

"Hertel is an integral part of Wylfa and is important to the smooth running of the station"

Safety first 

Safety is paramount in all work. Hertel has recently achieved 1 million hours with no lost time incidents at Wylfa and in 2009 a British Safety Council audit awarded the company, for the first time, a maximum five stars for its safety procedures. Hertel has a permanent on-site safety manager on site. This manager works closely with the Magnox North health and safety officer to ensure that all work meets both Hertel’s rules and the station regulations.

Ian Fraser says: “We adopt a strong safety culture and also work closely with the station to reinforce its safety initiatives. Most team members have worked here for many years and they know the site well and are aware of where likely dangers lie".


Hertel’s on-site team has a flexible approach to the work. John Humphreys says: “I am impressed by the way team members are able to provide a skills transfer to work on different tasks. You can’t beat site knowledge and understanding of the station’s safety rules. It improves Hertel’s efficiency on-site.” 

Tailored service

During the course of the year, as well as routine maintenance Hertel will work on projects such as providing scaffolding to enable the fuel handling team to carry out plant upgrades to the flash filling and processing equipment within the reactor.Knowing the site and having an understanding of Magnox’s needs, has helped Hertel provide a highly tailored service which has made an average annual saving of 9 per cent over the five years of the contract.

Thinking together

John Humphrey says: “Hertel is always keen to demonstrate where cost savings can be made. It is the positive attitude we see by its site and off-site management who are always ready to offer advice to overcome site issues and display a flexible approach to manage our needs.”