Lifts & Mobile platforms

Suspended access platforms can provide a safe, familiar and efficient alternative to traditional scaffolding.

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Modular flexibility

Hertel’s mobile platforms are constructed from standard components to suit a variety of configurations; however, the principles regarding the platforms specification remain the same. All platforms are “standard” modular systems and can be assembled on site to suit the project; they can be mobile or static (as with suspended scaffolding) and fitted with hoisting systems for lifting necessities to working height.

When constructing a particular platform configuration we work within given parameters and our computer program carries out the analysis where required (i.e. large span and or heavy payload platforms).

Versatile and simple reconfigurable

Operations using such mobile platforms go hand-in-hand with our rope access expertise. Specialist industrial roped access operatives use rope access techniques where necessary to install the Suspended Access Equipment (SAE).
The overall approach taken is to have a versatile modular “suspended access system” that can be simply reconfigured.

A permanent team of competent operatives installs, maintains, moves and operates the suspended access equipment.