Netting & decking

With netting a walkable work surface is created with tightly stretched nets. With decking, a floor is created at height, using firm steel cables and decks. 

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Netting Systems

The system comprises durable man-made fibre nets suspended by wire cables, providing a stable work platform from which suitably trained personnel can operate.

The Netting system is a modular work-positioning platform which can be modified according to its application and the work to be carried out. The system is an engineered system, taking full consideration of both the structure from which the netting will be supported and the loading placed upon the system during operation.

The lightweight materials used along with the flexible nature of the system allows for safe access to difficult to reach areas whether large or small. 

Decking Systems

Another way of creating working platforms in areas that are difficult to access for work to be carried out is creating a deck consisting of panels and floorboards. Like netting systems, decking systems are tailor-made engineered, taking all specific surroundings and structure into account as of where the system will be supported from.