To erect safe scaffolding, meeting all legal requirements, Hertel has its own flexible core of highly-qualified scaffolding builders and foremen.

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Safety comes first

Both common sense and the law require that where work on a construction site cannot safely be done from the ground or from part of a structure, scaffolding or an alternative must be provided. With a track record stretching back over almost 30 years, Hertel is the ultimate partner for access projects.

Highest Quality guaranteed

A scaffold, properly designed, erected and maintained, will provide both a means of access and working place which is as safe as those found in existing structures and on permanent structures. Scaffold designs are executed to fulfil the requirement of the Working at Height Regulations and are completed to the highest technical standards. All designs are in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures and incorporate design risk assessments to satisfy the CDM Regulations.

All of our scaffolding workers work according to clearly-established procedures and instructions that guarantee highest quality of the works being carried out. In order to ensure this quality, Hertel has developed its own top+ assessment programme. As part of this program, we look at the skills and the corresponding behaviour of our employees. 

A partner in cost saving

We consider it crucial to keep the costs for our clients to a minimum. We are prepared to inform and advise our clients at all times regarding the optimum amount of scaffolding on location. This saves stock, and thereby keeps leasing costs down.

Hertel has developed a clear, transparent calculation method. From initial request and cost estimate through to standing scaffold reports, monthly hire costs and erection/dismantle status during pre and post project or outage the application provides clearand accurate information to afford customers a greater level of control. 

There's always an alternative

Hertel always seeks the best solution for making a location accessible. This is made possible using scaffolding, but if other solutions prove to be more efficient or cheaper, we do not fail to advise on these methods.