Corrosion Under Insulation

Over the past 20 years CUI related failures have cost industry tens of millions in plant downtime, repair and replacement costs and lost opportunity for profit.

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Identifying Corrosion under insulation

Fundamentally CUI is caused by the ingress and trapping of moisture into the insulation system. The reality is that so many opportunities exist for moisture to enter an insulated system that it is almost impossible to guarantee it will not re-enter. 

Avoid, control and inspect

Hertel have developed methodologies to assist our customers to identify areas where CUI is likely to occur. For instance, improved quality management processes to mitigate moisture ingress, usage of products to allow process related moisture ingress to drain from the system and inspection ports to enable routine non-intrusive inspections to critical pipe work and equipment to be carried out. 

Plant integrity by thermography

Hertel’s Plant Integrity Competence Centre carries out thermographic inspections using infra-red cameras. An examples of research is the localisation of corrosion under insulation, determining the technical condition of  thermal and cold insulation systems, without the plant having to be taken out of operation. This prevents undesired downtime and unnecessary investments in maintenance.

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Quality Assurance

To meet the highest quality, Hertel moved away from site based insulation workshops many years ago and now employ the latest techniques in dedicated facilities. Employing leading edge plasma arc cutting technology to manufacture jacketing components not only provides significant efficiencies (reduced man hours) the technology also contributes significantly to waste minimisation, end product quality and will help minimize corrosion under insulation.