Preservation & coatings

Together with our partner HCG Group we specialise in on-site preservation and coating of the most diverse range of objects and surfaces. 

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One stop shop for every preservation challenge

Recent studies have shown that costs associated with corrosion could be as high as 12% of turnover for the production and manufacturing sectors. Hertel works together with HCG Groep in the field of high-quality corrosion protection. Combined with our expertise in access solutions and insulation we create a one-stop shop for every challenge in the field of insulation and preservation.

Saving costs through inspection

HCG Groep has a great deal of experience in condition-based inspections. This allows the reliable cost estimations for blasting and preservation to be drawn up. Thanks to a state-of-the-art inspection programme, both customer and inspector have direct access to all the data that the contractor collects during their work. This allows well-founded amendments to be made to the scope

Unparalleled experience

With our vast experience, our understanding of the requirements for cost effective solutions for surface preparation and coating requirements is unparalleled. 

Industrial Painting and Blast Cleaning projects are executed both on-site and in our off-site facilities where appropriate for an extensive range of applications including

The safest and most appropriate preparation techniques are used, including hand preparation, mechanical preparation, washing up to UHP, with abrasive option, and wet & dry blasting.

The best coating solution efficiently employed

Working in conjunction with materials suppliers, Hertel can recommend the best fit coating for specific applications. Hertel have vast experience of all application methods from brush and roll to all types of spray equipment. Through our vast experience of coatings in a wide variety of industries, the quality of work can be assured along with the efficient working practices employed.