Electrical & Steam Tracing

In many industrial processes, products must not be allowed to freeze, or must be kept within set temperatures under certain circumstances. Tracing offers the solution for this.

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Specialist in construction and maintenance

Hertel is a specialist in the field of assembling tracing facilities. Hertel has a complete programme of in-house tracing systems, with tracing by electrical thermal cables, electricity tracing and heat tracing are just some of the possibilities. We assemble tracing lines in new plants, and are also the partner in performing maintenance works to existing plants. Hertel works with specialised professionals, and has the required expertise in-house.

Tracing from concept to test

Hertel assembles tracing lines on pipes, equipment, pumps, and reservoirs. We alsoplace self-regulating thermal cables that prevents pipes from burning and keeps the whole circuit at a constant and correct temperature. 

Integration of project disciplines.

Trace heating requirements are often complex and require competent specialist integration into a number of the project disciplines.

  • Specification and design
    Experienced engineers calculate the performance and energy requirements of your plant and equipment, including heat loss calculations and calculation of optimum insulation thickness.

  • Control systems
    The control philosophy and selection of equipment is critical to the correct function of any trace heating system, it is for this reason that Hertel provide as part of a total package a full control system design, supply and installation service. 

  • Installation, Commissioning & Support
    Hertel can install the complete trace heating system for a customer, alternatively we can provide supervisors and a commissioning engineering team that would ensure the quality of the Hertel design is maintained. After completion of the installation, Hertel offer a full commissioning service whereby all functions and processes are tested in compliance with the relevant norms and directives.

  • Post Installation Support
    Hertel provides a full back up and support service throughout the full lifecycle of plants and installations to ensure that the maximum life expectancy of trace heating systems is achieved. 

  • Site Surveys and Inspections
    Hertel can carry out a complete survey of an existing installation on your site and evaluate for compliance with current best practices and directives. Hertel can supply a written or verbal report that provides the basis for any future design and/or installation works that may be carried out.

Qualified personnel

Hertel personnel is  Compex trained and qualified to carry out installations and testing in hazardous areas with all of our design, equipment and documentation in full compliance with ATEX and low voltage directives. We are NICEIC approved, and FPAL and UVDB registered for the design, supply and installation of electric trace heating systems.