Sprayed Insulation

Sprayed insulation is a specialism that  requires a great deal of expertise. Environmental awareness and safety regulations are of paramount importance.

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Expertise guarantees perfect execution

For decades Hertel has already been providing the seamless spraying of various types of sprayed insulation, all in accordance with the most stringent safety requirements.

Each material has its own characteristics and applications. Together with the customer Hertel decides which material is most suitable for each specific project. Our experienced and specialist staff guarantee perfect execution, that is subjected to critical inspections.

Polyurethane spraying

Objects can be insulated with in situ sprayed polyurethane hard foam. This seamless insulation is applied in two or three layers, and is suitable for:

  • floor insulation
  • facade insulation
  • roof insulation
  • tank insulation
  • yacht insulation
  • chiller and freezer rooms
  • shuttering

Compact polyurethane (copu)

For large areas that have to be given a wear-resistant coating quickly, Compact polyurethane a very good choice. Hertel Spraying techniques finishes objects with this rapid-hardening, solvent-free and wear-resistant coating. Used in:

  • chiller and freezer rooms
  • the food industry
  • tanks (internal and external)
  • tank pit sealing
  • chutes

Mineral rockwool

In particular in industry and shipping mineral rockwool can be used as insulation for walls, ceilings, steel girders, ship insulation, boiler insulation and ducts. Suitable for thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation. 

Turbine insulation

The asbestos-free mineral wool that is highly suitable for insulating turbine housing in power plants. In order to ensure that the turbine does not cool down too rapidly, everything is carefully packed with insulation material. The tight wrapping and enclosing of insulation is a specialism that requires a great deal of expertise.