Hertel fabricates pipes for the petrochemical, chemical, process and energy industries, covering the most advanced standards of material-choice, fabrication-process and quality-assurance.

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Integrated production planning system

All steps of the production-flow for our pipe spool fabrication, from material-receipt until delivery, are central controlled and supervised by using a computerised workflow. Quality-management is secured by certification acc. ISO 9001, certificates of competence acc. DIN 5563 and DVGW AD-HP0 as well as all needed WPQR. The computerised link of all work-steps allows continuous transparency as well as back-tracing on the complete workflow.

Of course, detailed documentation of fulfilling all requests by technical specifications, individual standards and law are part of our spectrum. The documentation allocated to the particular product as the component parts and evidence of the isometric with all hold-points and results is handed out to the customer.

Our range of pipe spool services

  • prefabrication of pipe-isometrics / - spool up to nominal size DN 2000
  • fabrication of components 
  • computerised work-preparation and -control (electronic workflow) 
  • 3-shift operation, 7 days a week
  • 25,000 working hours per month in fabrication
  • CAD-controlled engineering work (software program “Spoolgen”)
  • Non-destructive materials testing
  • Acceptance testing activities
  • Documentation according to project specifications
  • Packing and transport of spools
  • Cutting pipes and sectional steels to size
  • Weld seam preparation: welding bevels of pipe ends, nozzle and nozzle holes
  • Trough-bore holes
  • Core drilling
  • Pipe bending
  • Welding (TIG, MAG, E and orbital welding)
  • Pressure testing
  • Procurement, material management

Technical Configuration

  • CNC-controlled pipe-bending
  • Neck outs
  • Computer-controlled blow-torch cutting-off machine for pipe fittings (plasma and autogenous) for pipe diameters up to 48”
  • Band saw machines for pipes and section steel up to 20”
  • Bevelling and pipe-end machining system for sizes 2”-24”
  • Electric pipe cutting and bevelling machines for sizes up to 12”
  • Mobile hydraulic pipe cutting and bevelling machines for sizes 2”-32”
  • Plasma-welding of flange-welds up to DN 400
  • Electrode- / TIG-welding-machines
  • MAG automatic welding machine for pipe up to 24”
  • Mobile automatic orbital welding machine for pipe up to 32”
  • MAG welding machines
  • Orbital-welding by use of chamber-process
  • WIG inverter, water cooled, also AC/DC
  • Forming chambers and facilities
  • Machines for boring through holes and core drilling
  • Available NDE-processes:
    • X-ray
    • MPI magnetic particle test 
    • DPI dye penetration test
    • UT ultrasonic test
    • PMI positive material identification
    • Documentation on heat numbers
    • Pressure test devices + recorder for pressure-tests
    • crane capacities: 10-20 tons
    • Erection aids, runways