Living Quarters

CKT Projects, the former Hertel Offshore, specialise in Offshore, Marine and Defence accommodation projects and this has been our core service for over 40 years. Our flexible approach means you can choose from a range of options to suit your schedule and location including single lift, modular, and prefabricated cabin construction. All Living quarters can be constructed in steel or aluminium. More info:

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Single Lift

This single lift methodology constructs the entire Living Quarter Module as one single structure either using traditional pancake method or multi module method. This is then shipped in one piece for final installation on the platform or vessel. Once the module is positioned on its final location the hook-up connection between the Living Quarters Module and the platform or vessel can commence.
The advantage with this build methodology includes:


Here the Living Quarter is constructed as a series of mini modules which are shipped as separate self-contained sections. These modules can be assembled at any location into an integrated LQ for installation onto the topsides as a single lift or installed onto the platform individually. The advantage with this build methodology includes:

Prefabricated cabins 
The prefabricated cabin approach takes the outfitting works away from the build site to one of our fabrication facilities providing clients with greater flexibility and less demand on yard space.

The cabins are designed in close cooperation with the customer and shipped to meet the customers schedule as either complete or flat packed unit. The advantage of this build methodology includes:

  • Ease of installation
  • Rapid Outfit
  • Built in schedule with structure to improve schedule
  • Reduced onsite labour
  • Excellent quality control