The Hertel Plant Integrity Competence Centre assists companies worldwide to optimize their energy management and make their business processes more sustainable. Thermography through infrared cameras plays a pivotal role. 

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Next to raw materials, energy represents the largest single cost element of most manufacturing processes. Hertel recognise thermal insulation as a valuable investment and a tremendous asset to energy conservation and process efficiency.

Properly maintained insulation contributes significantly to a plant’s operating bottom line, in turn helping to reduce CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and operating costs.

Plant Integrity

Hertel gives companies insights into the options regarding energy reduction and decreasing CO2 emissions. We help clients to visualise the costs and corresponding repayment period that go hand in hand with the improvements to be carried out. With our advice, our clients are perfectly primed to reduce their energy usage and to curb losses resulting from gas leaks, etc.

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Hertel places great importance on sustainable business. This is why we are involved as board members of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF). The EiiF is a foundation set up to highlight the importance of sustainable insulation across industry in the whole of Europe. Our Plant Integrity experts are members of the EiiF technical commission (European Industrial Insulation Foundation).

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Safer inspections without unscheduled stops

The major advantage of thermography is that we can identify faults in systems at an early stage while there is no need to take the unit out of operation. This avoids unscheduled stops and unnecessary investments in maintenance. In addition, safety standards are better maintained and the environment is spared.

Thermographic inspections can be undertaken within the scope of maintenance management or for activities such as determining heat losses, early localisation of defects and/or the detection of gas leaks. In the end, the goal is to reduce the maintenance costs as a result of lower energy consumption for example, or to reduce losses due to gas leaks.

Hertel provides advice on sustainable solutions for cold and heat insulation systems for sustainable energy management. Hertel Plant Integrity specialises in analysing problems that occur specifically in processes in the heavy industry sector.

A few examples of its investigations are:

  • Locating corrosion under insulation
  • Determining the technical conditions of heat and cold insulation systems
  • Investigation of the structural integrity of a concrete chimney
  • Detection of burner misalignment in furnaces
  • Detection of possibly asbestos containing insulation
  • Detection of internal leaks in high pressure gas valves caused by condensation in gas
  • Investigation of stress in pipe bends resulting from large fluid temperature variations
  • Condition monitoring of refractory in high temperature furnaces
  • Detection of flue gas leaks in steam boilers in power plants.